Brad (Bradford) grew up near Disneyland in California although his maternal grandparents were from New England. Perhaps that lineage explains why Brad was always drawn to the change of seasons, rocky coasts, and dramatic weather despite his sunny Southern California upbringing.

Brad began his real estate career in Los Angeles in 2001. He and his partner Tim also owned and managed their own property portfolio that included single, multi-family, apartments, and vacation rentals. They also enjoyed remodeling many of these properties including their home in the Hollywood Hills. Seeing the the architectural renderings of their new two story property become a reality was an exciting process for them to witness first hand.

During a trip to Provincetown in 2004, they fell in love with a property on Brewster Street in the east end. Together with two friends from New York, they refurbished and restored the 1910 home and began spending more and more time on the Cape.

The magical pull of Provincetown brought Brad and Tim full time to the Cape in 2014. Now living in the west end on “Bradford” and “West” Vine, Brad insists that it was meant to be. Perhaps it is!