Meg's parents were real estate developers and she went on business trips with them from the time she was a baby. Her mother likes to tell the story that her first trip, at 3 weeks old, was to Provincetown! Now Mother lives in town too. Is that the circle of life?

Maureen's mother had a side hobby. She used to buy homes, renovate them, live in them for while with her family then move on to the next project.
So you see we have both have been involved in real estate most of our lives.

As adults, Meg started working for a boutique residential real estate sales company,

in NYC, right out of college. Maureen worked on Wall Street for 14 years. They both left their jobs and started a property management business specializing in small coops and condos downtown.

Meg and Mo moved to Provincetown in the fall of 2001 from New York City and had only ever been to town in the summer and for no more than 2 weeks at a time. When they decided they wanted to leave NYC, they didn't think too hard about where to would go, Provincetown was calling their names. They have lived in 4 homes since moving here, 2 in the West End and 2 in the East End. Every neighborhood in Provincetown has it's beauty and special unique character.

Real Estate is our life and our passion, just ask any of our friends. We eat, breath and sleep real estate. Our goal is to help our clients find the best possible home for them, to get the highest possible price for the home they are selling, to rent as many days a year as they desire.

Meg and Mo aren't all work and no play. You can often find them at Tea Dance, in Harbor Lounge, on the bay beach, at Herring Cove watching the sunset, or just strolling down Commercial Street.